Blanketed In Comfort – Winter Blankets

When summer cools and winter blankets are needed, it’s time to swap your light throws for our selection of warm winter blankets!

Cool Nights

As we move through autumn, the days are getting shorter and the nights cooler, and winter blankets and throws are making their appearance. Whether you need a light throw to keep off the evening chill while you unwind, or whether you’re getting ready to transform your bed for wintertime, Volpes’ selection of warm winter blankets and light throws can fulfil all your comfort needs.

Lightly Scattered

Our cotton and shimmersoft throws are a simple way to add dimension to room decor – choose from the wide range of colours available to accent the room colour scheme, or combine different textures to add tactile interest and visual variety.

Throws can also be kept in a storage container or draped over a blanket rack in the lounge, easily accessible when needed on wintery days, without adding clutter to a cleaner, more minimalistic aesthetic. Adding a lighter blanket to your bedding stack not only contributes to a sense of luxury and comfort, it’s also handy for relaxation or naps, allowing you to be comfortable without disturbing a made bed.

Comfy Cosy

There are few things as delightful as a warm bed on a cold night, and the Volpes range of thick winter blankets are up to the challenge of any South African winter. Our heavy, plush blankets are supremely soft and come in three sizes, to suit any requirement. Perfect for a middle or top layer in your winter bedding, our plush blankets are very efficient heat retainers that also provide weight to keep bedding layers intact.

Volpes’ cloud blankets are luxuriously soft, with a sherpa-style design that offers the ultimate in comfort and ease of care, available in a selection of monochromes to accent any decor palette.

Our latest range of faux fur blankets bring even more textural variety to a space, creating a feeling of luxury and indulgence. The longer fibres efficiently trap air to retain heat, making for a great winter blanket that not only looks and feels wonderful, but also keeps you warm, regardless of the weather.

Blanket Space

Whether you don’t quite need to overturn all your bedding just yet, or whether you simply need a place to keep extra blankets for the coldest nights, storing blankets can be a challenge for some, especially where space is limited.

The biggest priority for blanket storage is keeping the textiles protected from insects, damp and dust. Closed storage containers come in a variety of styles and materials, and can make it easier to keep bulky blankets neatly folded and clean. Open storage baskets or blanket rails can serve the dual purpose of adding a design feature to a room. Volpes’ range of Kubu rattan baskets come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to make the most of nooks and crannies with accessible, adjustable storage. Purpose-built, multifunctional furniture pieces, like this Biggie Best blanket box, can provide spacious storage, as well as a functional surface or seat.

Stay Toasty

However you decide to create comfort in your home this winter, Volpes has linen and accessories to make the journey a stylish one. Indulge your senses by visiting one of our 44 stores, shop our full catalogue of winter blankets and throws online, or contact our friendly staff for help in finding the perfect option for you.

Blockout vs Blackout

To block out light at night, you need a set of high-quality curtains. Blockout curtains are available in readymade sizes and can help improve your sleep schedule

Make Your Sleep Schedule Work for You

Sleep is essential to our health, and creating a comfortable and restful bedroom is the best way to aid a good night’s sleep. In sunny South Africa, it’s sometimes difficult to log extra dreamtime when dawn comes so brightly. Blockout curtains are the ideal solution, and Volpes has styles available to suit any room.

Most people need seven to eight hours of restful sleep in a 24-hour period. Humans are biologically tuned to the rhythms of day and night, as determined by light, or the lack thereof. This is known as the circadian rhythm, and it applies to the majority of living organisms. In our modern society, however, thanks to the industrial and technological revolutions, we now have the ability to do most things at any time of the day or night. That’s great for making the most of the time we have, but doesn’t necessarily suit our internal clocks. Luckily, we now also have innovative ways of creating environments that support our needs. 

Blockout and Blackout – What’s the Difference?

While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, there is a slight difference between blockout and blackout curtains, though both act as effective light filters. Blackout curtains are made from a densely woven fabric which allows absolutely no light to penetrate, resulting in total darkness. While most people prefer to sleep in darkness, honouring those biological rhythms that align with the movement of the planet, few people have chance to encounter absolute darkness, as can be provided by true blackout curtains. In fact, many report feeling uncomfortable when faced by a complete lack of light, leading to restless sleep or insomnia, which is the opposite of what we need to sustain our daily lives. 

Blockout curtains offer superior light blocking, while still allowing a barely perceptible hint of light to filter through, providing a gentler sleeping experience and a softer room ambience, at any time of day or night. 

The Benefits of Blockout

Volpes’ range of readymade blockout curtains act as sunblock for your room, and also assist in screening out harsh artificial light during the night. Our home curtains are durably made from high-quality fabrics, helping to regulate room temperature and airflow. Depending on your chosen window treatment, all blockout curtains are available taped or with eyelets, and come in a selection of monochromes (grey, duck egg blue, nude, mocca, and silver), giving you maximum flexibility to create or refresh accompanying room décor. 

Cotton: The Queen of Fibres

Cotton is the perfect fabric for bedding and bath linens. Find out why cotton is a favourite for fabrics, and learn about the benefits of using cotton in your home.

We’ve Always Loved Cotton

Humans have partnered with the cotton plant for eons, and for good reason. The fibres harvested from cotton are long and strong, allowing for the creation of fabric that is durable and multifunctional. Cotton fabric can be woven or knit in many different weights, and holds colour particularly well when dyed. Cotton is also breathable and absorbent, hypoallergenic and biodegradable, making it suitable for many applications, including clothing and homeware.d As cotton plants aid in carbon capture and are renowned for growing in arid areas, it is one of the most sustainable natural fibres available.

Volpes Loves Cotton

At Volpes, we have deep appreciation for the benefits and uses of cotton, which can be seen in the wide range of cotton bedding on offer in our signature designs, as well as our plush and snag-free bathroom linens. Volpes range of Luxury Towels are 100% cotton, providing the ultimate in luxurious and ultra-absorbent comfort, with double-stitched hems for extra durability. 

When it comes to quality bedding that only gets better with age, few fabric choices are superior to cotton. Cotton is an easy-care fabric that doesn’t require special detergents or delicate washing – in fact, due to its ultra-absorbent properties and the nature of cotton fibres, cotton fabric becomes stronger when wet, making it ideal for regular use in the home. Cotton fabric also grows softer over time, as soapy water aids the alignment of fibres with each wash. Suitable for high-temperature wash cycles and tumble-drying, cotton is the ideal fabric for bed and bath linens.

Egyptian Cotton – What Makes it Special?

Egyptian cotton is a luxuriously smooth fabric, created from a cotton varietal that produces longer, thinner, straighter fibres. The process of milling Egyptian cotton lines up these fibres more efficiently than in standard cottons, resulting in fine fabric with a much higher thread-count potential. Thread-count reflects the number of fibres contained within a given swath of fabric, while maintaining the same fabric weight – more fibres result in a silkier fabric-feel. 

Volpes cotton linene includes a large selection of Egyptian cotton products, including fitted sheets, flat sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers, in a variety of classic and modern colours, to underscore your decor. Egyptian cotton bedding is a 

Home For The Winter

The perfect winter bedding can create the right ambience at home, while keeping you warm and cosy during winter. Follow our tips to build your own cozy nest!

Sunny Days and Chilly Nights

South Africans have a much easier time than some navigating the colder months, due to our mild and moderate climate, however, that doesn’t mean we don’t feel the chill. Your home space should have the flexibility to provide comfort all year round.

While we enjoy the changing seasons, make the most of the last days of autumn and the magical twilight time we’re seeing at dusk now. Consider cooking an early dinner al fresco while the weather still allows, and stretch out the evening around the fire. Keep a light blanket or throw handy to stay cosy when the wind picks up and the stars come out, and start planning the switch to winter bedding now.

As the mornings start to turn cooler, brighten your day by sprucing up the breakfast table with bright colours and fresh flowers or greenery from the garden. Keep your indoor spaces feeling fresh and lively all through the shuttered winter months by adding ultra-realistic, no-maintenance faux plants from Biggie Best – green and lush no matter the season, botanical touches can energise any room.

Winter Nesting

During our meander into winter, tap into the seasonal rhythm by switching over one layer of winter bedding each week, building a warmer bed as time goes by, without being stifled while the nights are still mild. Choose brushed cotton for cosy, but breathable, winter sheeting that retains heat well. Pair your sheets with a variety of duvets, blankets, comforters, quilts and throws, to create the ideal weight and warmth for your perfect sleep.

A quilted mattress cover will shield you from cool air from below, while a duvet provides lightweight thermal insulation. Down duvets are the ultimate heat holders and make for an indulgent sleeping experience. Comforters are another wonderful option for winter bed layering, providing all the structure and visual appeal of a quilt, with added layers of heat-retaining filling.

For extra warmth, add one or more blankets in a weight that suits your needs, and consider introducing plush or fluffy textures to your bedding combination, for further sensory comfort. A loose cotton or shimmersoft throw can provide an additional layer of warmth while also adding visual appeal to a bed.

Nurture Your Nights

When transforming your home for winter, remember to pay attention to small details that can help enhance your overall experience. The Volpes range of curtains effectively block light and air flow, so be sure to open curtains and blinds as soon as the sun rises, to capture as much of the day’s heat as possible. Similarly, once the sun starts setting, cover windows and keep doors closed to make the most of our curtains’ temperature-regulating benefits.

If you tend to get cold easily, start your day with a warm bath or shower, and try to insulate as much of your skin surface as possible to retain your body heat. For bathroom linens, choose pure cotton, like our Volpes Luxury Towels, for effective absorption that helps to contain warmth. Even in the coldest months, remember to regularly air out rooms that may often be closed up. Choose cosy blankets over artificial heating equipment, to avoid high electricity bills and health challenges.

Where to Start

When you’re ready to shift to winter bedding, let our knowledgeable staff assist you in choosing linens that suit your needs perfectly. Pop into one of our stores to be inspired, or view and shop our full selection of sheeting, blankets, duvets, quilts, comforters and throws online, wherever and whenever inspiration strikes.

Are You Certain About Your Curtains?

Given the importance of curtains to a home, there is no doubt that they need careful consideration. These tips will help you choose smartly!

Home Decor Multitaskers

Windows are the eyes of the home, and whether we decide to leave them bare or choose to cover them, the style we select goes a long way towards determining how a house appears, and the ambience of the rooms within it. Window treatments can take many different forms, but their main purpose is to regulate the brightness of light, temperature feel and airflow of a room. Volpes’ range of curtains takes these basic needs into account, while keeping style, aesthetics and the principles of home décor in mind.

The right curtains, hung correctly, can help to create softness, comfort, and a feeling of expansiveness in a room, while serving the practical purpose of filtering light and sound, adapting the environment of the room for the time of day. At Volpes, we know that there’s no single solution for window coverings, and that the most effective design will often combine various styles and fabrics.

Whatever Your Style, We’ve Got You Covered

Volpes offers curtaining options to suit every need you may have.

Sheer curtains work wonderfully as standalone solutions for open and communal rooms, where privacy and light-blocking are less of a priority than a feeling of spaciousness and movement. Sheer curtains allow natural light to filter through, while screening room occupants from daytime passers-by. As a base layer for combination curtaining, light, airy drops in sheer or gauzy fabrics prevent window treatments from feeling too heavy or restrictive, allowing daylight to brighten the room, without sacrificing night-time screening.

For a denser top layer, our standard and blockout curtains offer lush textures and premium fabrics in a variety of patterns and monochrome designs. For smaller windows, as often found in bathrooms and kitchens, our cafe or kitchen curtains offer shorter drops which can be tied back to create a sash effect, making rooms feel inviting, friendly and sheltered, without becoming too dark. Curtain accessories can accentuate the overall look you’re creating -combine your curtain layering with tie-backs that highlight the theme of the room or emphasise a design motif.

Size Matters

Measuring the window space you’re working with is an essential first step to determining which selection of curtains will be most suitable. Ideally, you’ll be working with an undressed window, with no curtaining hardware installed. In this case, measure your window opening from side to side and top to bottom, using the edge of the wall as outer limit. Add at least 15cm to the top-bottom measurement, to allow enough space for your railing. Add 15-25cm to the width measurement as well, to ensure the curtains encase the opening, and that you have enough space to draw the curtains back to full exposure of the window. For visual balance, wider windows should be provided with wider margins outside of the window opening. Furthermore, determine whether you’d prefer floor-length drapes or shorter curtains, like our cafe-style option.

Windows often already have curtain rails or poles installed, however, and in this case, the distance between the hardware and the window must be taken into account. While it’s generally possible to replace curtain supports or adjust their position, it’s less burdensome to choose products that suit what you already have in place.

Volpes offers curtains in standard lengths of 218cm, or in extra length of 250cm, making it possible to beautifully dress any window, regardless of dimensions. When deciding how many drops to combine, it’s important to choose a total curtain width that is wider than the window you’re working with, allowing for some pleating, and avoiding the appearance of a stretched curtain that doesn’t quite cover the space it’s intended for. Volpes curtains come in wider widths than most other brands on the market, ensuring you’ll need fewer drops for efficient coverage. All our curtains are ready-to-hang and made from easy-care fabrics, in a range of colours and styles to enhance any room.

Volpes curtains have everything you need to style windows that enhance your home. Shop the full range of curtains for sale online. Pop into one of our 44 stores to see and touch what’s on offer, or contact our friendly staff for assistance in choosing the best curtains for you.