Happy New Year!

I’m so excited to be writing the first post of the Volpes blog.  It’s 2013, almost unbelievable!  Remember Y2K?  13 Years ago so many of us thought there was going to be a huge technological shut down because of the date change and now we’ve just rolled into 2013 with no problem – ok yes, there was the Mayan Prophecy – so we survived teh 21st of December as well as the 12th of the 12th of the 12th – and here we are , in a new year, with a new blog.

This year, marks Volpes’ 84th year!  84 years!?  That is a long time!  I’m really so happy to be working for a company with such a great heritage, knowing that this company was started by one man who didn’t have a business degree, or an investment.  He had a dream and he stuck to it.

When I went for my interview at Volpes, just 2 years ago, I really did feel a little out of my depth.  I am a mother of 3, I had been working for my husband for a couple of years as well as trying to run my own graphic and web design business, studying through Unisa, trying to complete my Communication degree, and here I was interviewing for an online marketing job.  During my research of the company, I came across the history of Volpes on their website and just felt so at ease.  I might not have had the skills on paper, but I knew for sure that I had the skills in my character.  I got the job obviously (much to my husband’s shock! 🙂 and I totally love it..  From my first day I suggested having a blog and here I am writing the first post – that is why it is so exciting for me.

You see, Volpes manufacture linen, something for your home.  It’s a personal kind of business, you sleep on our linen, you open and close your curtains every morning and every night.  You dry yourselves with our towels and you wrap up warmly in our blankets and throws in winter, so I just thought having a blog would add that extra personal touch.

So, my name is Saskia and I will be facilitating this blog, I won’t be the only blogger… think of me as a narrator in a documentary.

I want to show you behind the scenes, get great guest bloggers to give you awesome advice. I will find you fantastic home decor information from around the globe as well as from our very own studio and staff.  I’m going to introduce you to various key people at Volpes, people that actually make it happen, people you can identify with as well as their interesting likes, dislikes and favorite finds.  I will be posting pictures of our staff parties and various other very entertaining goings on, here at the Volpes office and at the stores.

I’m sure this is going to be a wonderful online journey for us all and I’m looking forward to doing some really fun interviews and posting some great pictures.

Until then, have a lovely New Years day, and enjoy the rest of your holidays!

Yours in Linen


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