Need more sleep?

Are you getting enough sleep? Ask a new mom and almost always the answer is NO!  Unless of course – SuperMom Jones, with triplets, has it all together and even fits in an afternoon nap between her mani-pedi and full body massage… She just doesn’t count!

Most moms find it difficult to sleep, purely because they’re up every hour or so with their new baby or their thirsty/hungry/sick/scared kiddies.  Moms – you are NOT alone.  Many people battle to sleep.  Often stress is the main culprit!


We may not have the best de-stress motivational words that will fix everything, but what we do have is a variety of duvets that will certainly help keep you cosy/warm/cool and ultimately comfortable at night.

Prone to Allergies – but love the feel of a feathers?
The Microfibre duvet is the one for you!  The microfibre filling is similar to duck down in performance.  This duvet is also perfect for you if you love to snuggle in winter, it traps the warmth and keeps you snug.
Share and share alike?

The Climate Control would be the best choice for a couple sharing, because of its construction it has the ability to adjust the temperature itself.  However, this would not be the best choice when living in an extremely cold climate.  The best synthetic option for a cold climate would be the Microfibre duvet.
But, if allergies are no problem… The naturally filled duvets are the warmest duvet inners available.  All are covered with 100% downproof cotton percale, which ensures that the feathers are not able to “escape”.

Don’t get Cold Feet!

The duvet with channel construction (White Duck Down & Feather duvet) allow for the feathers to move around.  So this would be a perfect choice for you..

The baffle-box construction, however,  of the White Duck Down and the White Goose Down duvets make sure that feathers stay put and also keep your duvet looking nice and puffy.

But.. what’s the best for Winter?

The White Duck Down and the White Goose Down duvets are the most luxurious options.  The filling in each of these duvet inners have a very high percentage of down, ensuring absolute warmth and insulation.  With winter fast approaching, either of these would be a great investment, especially if you live in a cold climate.

Now for the kids (you know the ones that keep you awake at night)…

The most affordable option for the kids room, would be the Classic Duvet Inner.  Children don’t always need the fanciest duvet inners, as they are so small, that the duvet wraps around them snugly anyway (and they spend more time in mom’s bed anyway!).

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