Volpes & Kick bring cheer to Walmer Township


Area Q is an incredibly poverty-stricken area in the Walmer Township, with no running water or electricity.

Volpes recently had the privilege of assisting in bringing joy the residents of this impoverished area.

Along with “Kick”, an NGO that exists to support children in need, Volpes distributed various linen to families in the neighbourhood.

“Kick” is a NGO that exists to support children in need.  With a volunteer base of 250, they are able to support individual children as well as children’s organizations and children’s homes.

In order for KICK to function effectively and make an impact on the underprivileged community, they rely greatly on the support of businesses, organizations, media individuals in the society.

So, Volpes decided to be part of this initiative.  The Volpe family have resided in Port Elizabeth since 1929, when Volpes was established by Reuben Volpe, the grandfather of current director Adam Volpe.

“Walmer Township is in the heart of my home town, Port Elizabeth.
We partnered with “Kick” who are actively involved in educating the children in the worst parts of Area Q, to help uplift the community.  Donating these items was an incredible opportunity not only for the the residents, but also for us here at Volpes” said  Adam



Christine Norman handing over duvet inners to some local moms in the area

“It was such a privilege to be able to assist and see the gratitude on their faces”
says Christine Norman, a Volpes representative.

The teachers in the area do an amazing job!

The highlight of the day, was when this little girl got so excited
she literally wrapped herself up in one of the Volpes duvet inners.


If you would like to get involved with the great work Kick is doing, find them on Facebook or www.kick.org.za


Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.  ~Dr. Seuss

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