Volpes Winter Sheets – Helping You Save Electricity this winter!

winter-sheet-blog-headerYou’ve just unpacked your electric blanket and dragged your heater back into your room, winter is coming and you want to be prepared.

Volpes is here to help! 
Not only will we keep you warm this winter, we’ll make sure you save electricity too, with our range of warm winter sheeting.

Our winter sheets and pillowcases are made from 100% cotton.  The fuzzy feeling of the fabric is caused by a process of raising the ends of the fibres to the surface.  This process is what causes the sheets and pillows to retain heat and keep you warm.

Choose from four colours (eggshell, pebble, white and cream) and a variety sizes.

So, pack away your heater & electric blanket – No need for wasting electricity this winter!

Just keep your alarm clock plugged in.. you’ll need help getting up in the morning!

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