How to choose Curtains

Choices! Choices?

How DO you choose the right curtains?
What colour?  How long?  How wide?  Don’t fret!   Here are the answers:

Neutral colours are best  & will blend into your room’s decor bettercurtain-colours

But if Bright is for you – like it is for me – make sure you get some block-out lining to ensure the colour lasts longer



Hang your curtain panels 15cm above the top of the window – that’s the right height –

but… if you want to go for that dramatic look – Go higher!

The Modern trend for curtains is to have them hang flush with the floor & the traditional trend is to let them puddle on the floor. If this is your style, make sure to add an extra 5 or 6cm onto your measurements.

How many drops do you need?  Argh, a question that is asked so often and causes dread in the lives of many new home owners.  The answer is simple – Double Up.

Add an extra 10 to 20cm onto your width measurement and get double the drops you need.  This will ensure that when your curtains are closed, they look full and beautiful (without any gaps) and when they are open they let enough sun in while looking gorgeous framing your window.

So get your curtains up today, add your block-out lining – the sun is bright these days and enjoy your home.

Hope this helps!

Love your home – Know your home!





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