Meet Abbey, a beautifully embroidered duvet cover set, that will brighten up your bedroom, just in time for Summer.


And here we have Jasmin, a Jacquard Weave Gem..duvet_cover_set_jasmine_1

Novara Quilt Set… Pure Luxury! This will be available in Queen & King sizequilt_set_novara_1

And now for something Completely Different: Renzo… 100% Cotton, Seersucker – Seersucker? What is that?

Well, Seersucker is fabric that is woven so that some threads bunch together giving a wrinkled appearance.  Seersucker is manufactured by a slow weaving process, which makes this kind of fabric quite exclusive. The fabric used in this Renzo design is also yarn dyed, this means that the threads are dyed before they are woven into cloth.  Yarn dyed fabrics have a lovely textured colour and definitely last much longer.

Renzo is cool to the touch and breathable with a soft finish, and the best part is:  It doesn’t need much ironing.  This design is exclusive to our Reuben Volpe Collection.


Now that we’ve covered how wonderful yarn dyed fabric is… Here is Bumpy, our new Sorema Bathroom decor range.Yarn dyed towels?  Yes!  These 100% cotton towels, with yarn dyed stripes are thick, thirsty and super stylish!


Mitzie, our printed polycotton floral design comes in Mauve, Cream & Duck Egg


We have so many more beautiful designs on their way to you.. our new catalogue will be out soon, so watch this space.


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