Bathrooms to die for

The bathroom is a section of your home where all should be right with the world. Whether you enjoy a warm shower or comforting bubble bath, relaxing in a perfectly designed restroom that features striking decor makes everything that much better. Plenty of people have gone to great lengths to create a sanctuary like no other and, quite frankly, the end results are amazing.

Here is a list of bathroom decor that makes us wish we could redo our WCs:

The Contemporary Loo

Contemporary Loo

It may look like a living room but, believe it or not, this is an area where you go to bathe yourself. The dark and light tones blend together beautifully, creating a unique atmosphere. The minimalistic bathroom décor is simple and eye-catching, with comfortable accessories like a huge soft rug on the floor.

The Overlooking restroom

The Overlooking Restroom

Soaking yourself in a tub that overlooks a lake is a prime example of living in paradise. This is enhanced by the tasteful décor which includes a beautiful white rug, natural rocks and deadwood. When the sun goes down and you can’t see outside clearly, you can just stare at the private pond next to your bathtub.

The All Accommodating Chamber
The all Accommodating Chamber

Do you hate waiting for people to finish shampooing their hair in the morning? Well, this design -called‘Mountain Living’- is probably what you need. It features more than one of everything, including the stalls and sinks, making it ideal for busy families. The toiletries are ingeniously laid out, with shelves accommodating an ample number of drying towels and face cloths.

The Futuristic Commode
The Futuristic Commode

This fantastically designed bathroom makes good use of limited space and looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. It is an intimate work of art that sports curved lines and soft corners. The colour scheme is an eye-catching mix of greys, beiges and light browns, with bright splashes of colour introduced in the form of contrastingly spiky plants.

The Simple, Eye-catching Restroom
Simple Eye-catching restroom

All in all, tones and fabrics make the real difference. This last layout is brought to life by the bright green and white towels that are sparsely placed around the area. This goes to show that you don’t need an eccentric design to achieve a beautiful bathroom. All you need is the right type of décor, which can include a selection of bathmats, towels and face cloths.

The perfect place to wash only becomes beautiful when you add your personal touch to it. Come have a look at a selection of bathroom décor accessories and buy what you need to get the look you’re after.

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