As the saying goes…

It is certainly better to give than to receive…

Volpes were privileged to be part of a wonderful initiative with KICK, a charity organisation in Port Elizabeth.  We donated linen to the residents of the Walmer Township, ensuring that 100 families could be warm this winter.

Delighted moms & teachers from the Walmer Township

This is what Sarah Bentz, from KICK had to say “A huge thank you to Volpes for the very generous donation of linen for distribution in Walmer Township!  KICK was able to distribute packs of linen to 100 very grateful families in Walmer Township! We will be donating the material pieces to ladies in Walmer Township who have sewing businesses, as well as to teachers who can use the material for classroom resources”.

Warm Volpes linen.. en masse!
Warm Volpes linen.. en masse!

KICK as an organization has been in place since 2006, but only in May 2009 did they start the Outreach branch, supporting children in the community.KICK has hosted many exciting initiatives which have touched lives across the Eastern Cape.

Sarah Bentz, Project Manager for KICK, said that this donation was “an incredible help to many families in Walmer Township and is especially appreciated as winter will soon be on its way!”.

Being involved in an initiative like this helps make our world a happier place,  so if you would like to get involved, then please contact Sarah at [email protected]

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