How to Sleep Well In Winter

Human beings need six to eight hours of sleep per night in order to function at their best, especially after busy, stressful periods spent working. It’s important to remember that the kind of rest you get often depends on your bedroom.

For this reason, your bedroom should be a sanctuary of comfort, order and peace. Whether you’re snoozing at night or dozing throughout the day, you need a space in which to relax and recharge your batteries. If you’re struggling to get regular shut-eye, a change of bedroom décor might provide the ideal remedy.

Simple Décor Suggestions for Dreamy Sleep

You’ve probably tried it all, from counting sheep and reading to deep breathing exercises and meditation, but to no avail. This may be because those solutions are solely focused on altering your internal state, not your external environment.

We’re not suggesting full renovations, just a few small changes to your space, such as a new coat of paint, a different mattress or darker bedroom linens. These tweaks hold more than aesthetic appeal – they can successfully encourage peaceful slumber.

Begin your easy transformation by:

  • Creating a single-purpose area – Rest and recuperation is the only activity the bedroom is meant to accommodate. Making it an environment for studies, work, or even a family playpen will only add disorder and distractions. Reserve your bed for sleep, and avoid staying awake after a certain time.
  • Removing your clutter – Whether your bedroom is grand or tiny, it doesn’t take much effort to give it a spacious appearance. This is easily achieved by keeping you room clean and organised with laundry hampers, and by regularly vacuuming the area. Moreover, having everything in its place is fantastic Feng Shui.
  • Paying attention to your lighting – Consider using blackout bedroom curtains to block out streetlights, sunshine and other sources of glare. Dark rooms offer fewer distractions, allowing you to clear your bed at night. Thankfully, these garments don’t have to be bought in blacks and greys. You can often find them in duckegg, taupe and espresso tones too.
  • Choosing heavier linens made from high-quality fabric – In winter, it’s best to select pure cotton, soft flannel and luxurious suede textured blankets, comforters and sheets. These fabrics are still breathable, but add weight and warmth to chilly beds. If you’re still too cold to sleep, get a plush duck or goose down duvet or drape a fuzzy throw over your feet
  • Stimulating your senses – Consider the way your bedroom smells. Burning incense, soothing oils or simple candles can alter a setting to feel cosier in minutes. The visual pleasure, combined with relaxing scents and the feel of soft bedding will effortlessly place you in the correct frame of mind for slumber.

There are many ways to get good, restful sleep, and by implementing these clever curtain and linen ideas for your bedroom, you’re sure to create a peaceful space. Feel free to visit Volpes for more décor inspiration. Our catalogues always list the items best suited to the current season, and present some fuss-free tricks you could try at home.

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