Colour in the Home

When choosing a colour scheme for your home, many decorators suggest that you consider the emotional implications of each particular hue. They believe that merely seeing a shade will evoke a uniform unconscious emotional response in all people.

However, these associations could also be determined by many other factors, such as the admirer’s cultural background. For instance in western culture, yellow is associated with cowardice, but in Japan it symbolises courage.

Whether you believe in these associations or not, if you’re planning on painting an entire room in one shade, think about how living in it will feel. A single colour can be overwhelming when it surrounds you. Further, you may get tired of the shade if you’re exposed to it every day.


bedroom wall decoration


Show your True Colours

Instead, we recommend retaining muted walls and utilising accents of colour to enliven the space. For instance, in a room with pale walls, you could add brightly upholstered furniture or a bold carpet without making the area appear too busy or loud. Using a large display of flowers as a centrepiece is also a simple way to achieve this.

Colour in the Bedroom

Your personal space may be where you spend the most time, so you want it to feel as comfortable as possible. Choosing white walls here is a clever choice, as they’re known to be calming. What’s more, these make an ideal background for colourful bedroom curtains. When the first rays of morning sunshine begin to penetrate these bold additions, they’ll illuminate the room with a pale reflection of their own gorgeous hues.

Another easy way to bring energy and vitality into this space is to add some colourful bedding. During the day this acts as a panel of colour atop your mattress. Position it centrally in the room for the most striking effect. When you snuggle up here at night your bright blanket should make you feel perfectly at peace.


bedroom colour schemes


Lend Colour to your Home

When it comes to brightening up your environment, you don’t have to stop at colourful curtains. You can add smaller accents with throw cushions, rugs, ornaments or wall hangings. The choice is yours, whether you match hues for a concrete scheme or have an eclectic blend. As long as you aren’t overwhelmed by a shade, it can be a pleasant addition to your decor, so be sure to experiment.

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