Décor Trends for 2015

Designers from around the world have made their predictions on the décor trends for 2015. They cover everything from the year’s hottest colours and fabrics to patterns and wall dressings. To determine which of these styles you can add to your decorating plans, our experts selected their favourite ideas and offered tips on making them your own.

Soft and Natural Tones Come Out Tops

Pantone’s colour specialists introduced their 2015 palette of popular hues. While Marsala is the official shade of the season, the wine red is one of very few dark tones to make the list. The rest of their selections are neutral browns, beiges and greys, as well as soft blues, bright blushes and tree greens.

What makes their picks so perfect is that they pair well with a number of other colours, promote a relaxed atmosphere, and bring the refreshing outdoors inside. So use them as a base for your bedding, furniture and wallpaper (another top trend), and then add personal trinkets in Marsala to complete the look.

Monochrome Is a Must-have

If simple and contemporary décor interest you, give Fifty Shades a run for its money and dress your home in bold monochrome colours. Loved for its masculine patterns yet gentle grey and natural hues, it’s the ideal trend for unisex living spaces.

You can add the trend to your home or apartment in many ways, using:

• Burberry-inspired bed covers
• Checked throws
• Understated scatter cushions
• Black and white art pieces

Clean Lines and Gold Lights Are In

Kitchens are open and looking decidedly more rectangular. Bathrooms are spacious and devoid of clutter. And, boudoirs are sporting cool colours and classy fixtures. Clearly, last year’s trends of simple, sophisticated and metallic décor are here to stay. The only real addition is a touch of gold.

Instead of searching for silver and chrome, 2015 urges you to try golden light fixtures and brass bath taps. If these are a little too flashy for your tastes, you could opt for towels, table settings or vases with this metallic shade in them.

Nature Knows Best

At the end of the day, the home décor trends of 2015 are about getting inspired by life beyond your front and back doors. So, take a look at the trees, smell a few fresh flowers and gaze up at the sky. The peace and pleasure these simple acts offer is exactly how you want to feel walking into your house or flat this year.

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