Luxury Bathrooms on Little Budgets

After a long day at work, we all seek a place to escape and recharge our batteries. For many people, bathrooms make the ideal sanctuary. Just imagine yourself soaking your weary bones and relaxing those stressed out muscles in a tub to understand the appeal.

However, not everyone can afford the luxurious pleasures that transform this space from an everyday grooming station to a pampering utopia. Or can they? At Volpes, we believe that you can have the best for less. You simply need the right bathroom linen and accessories to create a look of luxury.

Five Cheap Cheats to a Lavish Lavatory

You may find it hard to believe, but it really only takes a handful of items to give your bathroom an expensive appearance. Begin by following one or two of our expert tips, but remember that your home is about you. So, be sure to decorate with bathroom accessories you love too.

1. Experiment with textures

Most bathroom surfaces are quite hard and unforgiving, from the cement floor to the porcelain sink. By playing around with grainy soaps, scrubbing brushes, soft rugs and fluffy towels, you treat everyone using this zone to an exciting sensory experience.Reliable budget-friendly items can give you the feel of costly brands for fewer Rand.

2. Add a piece of furniture

Who said bathrooms have to be white, sterile and devoid of furnishings? Even though you may need a slightly larger bathroom to pull off this trick, it’s worth considering. Little shelves or a chair are superb for small spaces, while a chaise or dressing table can fill bigger open areas. We only recommend that you treat wood against moisture or let the room air well after steamy washes.

3. Get aplant or a bouquet of flowers

Simply having the colour green inside this space can breathe life into it. After all, what is more relaxing than spending some time in nature? If you can’t go outside, bring it indoors. Ferns are low maintenance and survive for years, while blooms can be bought fresh or fake…whichever suits your wallet.

4. Monogram your linens

You’ve seen the His and Hers designer bathroom accessories, and may even have come across towels featuring a couple’s initials. Luckily, this decorating pastime of the rich and famous is easily replicated with modern technology. Alternatively, do you know someone good at embroidery? We’re sure they can sew anything you want onto a face cloth, hand towel or bath sheet at a bargain.

5. Accessorise with art

From a vase you inherited to your favourite picture, any personal or pretty trinkets you add to this room count. You just have to choose items that match the mood or colour scheme of your restroom. What could be simpler?

The affordable décor possibilities are endless! Begin with basic bathroom linen and work your way up. Your imagination is all you need.

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