How to Warm a Room with Winter Duvet Covers

The time to plan for the cooler temperatures of autumn and winter is fast approaching. For most people, these seasons mean dull colours and bedding more practical than pretty. But it really doesn’t have to be.

Duvet covers come in a wide variety of shades, designs and densities, ensuring you enjoy beautiful variety every month of the year. It’s also an important part of peaceful sleep. Here’s how you can choose your next bedding set wisely:

1. Tones and Textures

Did you know that colours have psychological properties? This means that they can inspire certain feelings. Fortunately, you can strategically use different shades during cooler seasons to simulate warmth or remind you of sunnier days.


Our top tips for picking palettes include:

Suit the season – Choosing colours often associated with particular months is always a safe bet. For instance, autumn is famous for browns, reds and yellows, like saffron, cocoa and auburn. So, duvet covers in these tones work well at that time of the year.


Darken your decorations – Deeper shades appear heavier and more insulating, blocking out light and keeping the cold at bay. That’s why black, navy and other tones from the darker side of the spectrum are frequently suggested for bedrooms in winter.


As for textures, the softer, fluffier and more comforting a duvet feels, the better it generally is. These fibres brush against the skin warming up its surface faster. Of course, at the end of the day, this personal sanctuary should be dressed to match your taste. Let your instincts lead the way.
2. Patterns and Prints

Duvet designs are also capable of evoking emotions, especially when they’re associated with warmth and comfort, such as jersey patterns. The trick is simply to ensure that you select something that speaks to your individual style. Take your existing décor into consideration too.

This season, we suggest:

Get cosy – If you prefer the country cottage look, that’s small, warm and in touch with nature, think floral, lattice and patchwork patterns. Though traditionally featured on quilts, you could just buy a duvet cover that looks like one.


Keep it clean – Contrastingly, should your room be more of a masculine man-cave, lines would probably be more appealing. In this instance, consider comforter casings with checked, geometric or simple designs.


That being said, plain covers or those woven with damask or jacquard patterns are perfectly capable of suiting all seasons. These make them a valuable investment for budget-conscious households.

3. Quality and Comfort

Although the beauty of bedding is often the main consideration, remember that thread counts are important too. In the middle of the night, enjoying peaceful sleep beats a pretty duvet cover every time. For this reason, we highly recommend cotton in all its forms as the most comfortable fabric, because it’s:

Soft – Soothingly caressing your skin
Gentle – Made almost entirely from natural fibres
Breathable – Helping to regulate your body temperature
Absorbent – Keeping sweaty sensations to an absolute minimum


Launder Your Linens

Finally, remember that few things are cosier than freshly fluffed bedding, so make sure to regularly wash yours. If you can, invest in a tumble drier as the ideal way to warm up a cover, but ironing is extremely effective too.

Fortunately, Volpes’ range of bed linens is machine-washable, making them even easier and more cost effective to clean. And you can always visit your local laundromat to help under rainy or time sensitive conditions. So you can see, there’s really no excuse not to dress your duvet in designer covers every season.

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