5 Ways to Ready Your Bedroom for Winter

Sleep is an essential part of re-energising your body for a busy day at school, work or home. But it’s hard to get enough of it – or any at all – when you’re battling a chill. To help combat the cold and get that seven hour snooze, we highly recommend that you adapt your bedroom linen to suit the season. If you’re unsure of which pieces to use and what to switch, take a look at our five easy tips:

1. Below the Covers

The best place to start is beneath your duvet or comforter, i.e. your mattress. Filled with springs and open cavities, a lot of cold air can find its way up to you from the floor through the base of your bed.

To prevent this, you need a mattress topper. It provides two benefits in one product – a comfortable surface to sleep on, and a barrier between your body and bed. The feather variety is especially delightful, with a baffle-box construction to stop it from shifting while you rest.

A more cost-effective way to store heat below your blankets is to buy a flannel sheet. As we all know, during winter, one extra layer over you can make a world of difference. Instead of adding lots of weight, these soft and fluffy covers merely provide better insulation against the cold.

2. Between Your Bedding

When a single layer is all that you can stand or afford, good quality duvet inners are the way to go. You can select your favourite based on fabric (natural or synthetic), weight (between 230gsm and 350gsm), and allergy sensitivity.

Whichever you prefer, these luxurious items are excellent at storing body heat. Their weight also cushions you against the chill. By putting a duvet cover over this inner layer and adding a winter flannel sheet, you’re bound to get maximum warmth from your bedding every night.
3. Duvet replacements

The most inexpensive way to warm up your bed is with good ol’ blankets. Whether woven from natural wools or soft synthetic fibres, they are the quickest absorbers of body heat, prolonging that toasty feeling.

Best of all, they don’t need an additional cover and come in an endless variety of colours, patterns and densities. So it’s easy to find one that complements your existing pillows or is thick enough to replace your comforter.

4. Outer accessories

When the temperature really drops, simply add quilts and throws to your basic bedroom linen. Both are popular choices and have been featured in boudoirs for decades.

Manufactured in beautiful designs and an array of shades, they bring a pop of character to any room they’re included in. Throws can also be draped over your shoulders or lap on those slightly warmer winter days, when you just need something light to cover you.

5. Walls and Floors

Drafts are the number one culprit when it comes to lingering chills after your doors and windows have been shut. To keep them out, invest in blackout curtains. They’re longer, broader and better at insulating your bedroom than blinds and other alternatives.

For the floor, we suggest purchasing a few rugs. They’re the most cost-efficient way to keep your feet from freezing on the ground, regardless of whether your bedroom is tiled, laminated or done in wood. Plus, they’re easier to clean and replace than carpets.

It’s effortless to ready your room for winter with a few specific pieces from the Volpes linen collection. Browse through our online catalogue or product listings to view our extensive range of offerings.

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