Make Mother’s Day Memorable with Linen

Imagine a world without moms! Nothing would ever be the same. Who would make your favourite meals, heal your aches or offer you advice when you need it most? This special person gave you life and has probably done countless things for you ever since that day. She deserves to be spoilt and Mother’s Day is ideal time to do exactly that.

To help, we’ve come up with three ways in which you can make the occasion extra special:

1. Give Her Something Unique

No two moms are the same. So why give yours a present that others can buy too? Gifts always mean more when they’re made with someone specific in mind. Fortunately, kids enjoy arts and crafts, and mothers love showing off their creations.
Consider purchasing a plain coloured duvet cover, pillowcase or cushion, and fabric paint. You and your kids can then decorate the linen in pictures, handprints or messages of love, that provide her with fond memories for years to come. This way, every time she goes to sleep or makes up her bed, she can think back on your thoughtfulness.

2. Pamper Her with a Home Spa Day

Thanks to movies, TV series and perhaps even personal experience, we all have an idea of what happens at health resorts. However, instead of spending a small fortune at some fancy place, transform your house into a spa for the day.
You can purchase a relaxing bubble bath mixture for a soothing soak. Just remember to provide her with a fluffy towel and soft mat to step on afterwards. Follow this up with a pretty robe and her favourite lotion to smooth over her skin. Finally, you can top things off by giving her a foot massage or painting her nails.

3. Take Her on a Picnic

Whether you go to a park, camp out in the backyard or simply decorate the living room, picnics are a playful and intimidate way to dine. As the temperature is starting to drop, make your feasting spot as cosy as possible, and prepare everything beforehand, so mom doesn’t have to do a thing.

If you plan to go the traditional route, lay down a big blanket on which you can all eat. Alternatively, why not use a colourful comforter? For the final touch, bedeck the bedspread in continental pillows and scatter cushions for an extra soft surface to sit or lie against. And, keep one or two throws near in case it gets a little chilly.

Find All This and More at Volpes

As a family run company, no one understands the positive impact that linen can have on a household better than us. It soothes the sad, comforts the lonely and provides the perfect excuse to cuddle with loved ones. So why not take advantage of these unique benefits of our fabrics and fibres, and treat your mom to something different.

If you’re wondering when Mother’s day is in South Africa, it’s on 10 May. So you still have a few days to plan the ideal treat.

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