Mix and Match with Scatter Cushions

Scatter cushions have graced the pages of home décor magazines for decades, often featured as the ideal tool for beautifying beds, sofas and floor spaces. What these images don’t tell you is that you don’t have to be an interior designer to add similar stylish touches to your living areas.

scatter cushion

Of course, we understand that arranging half a dozen pillows in a pretty fashion doesn’t come easy to everyone. After all, there’s such a wide variety to choose from. That being said, it’s a lot simpler than you think. If you need a little direction to begin, we’re more than happy to help.

How to Make Interesting Cushion Combos

Much like learning how to cook, you can develop your decorating skills with a few basic recipes, some common sense and a dash of creativity. It’s really all about what you’d like to see around your home. Here are four ways in which you can start experimenting:

1. Sample Different Sizes

Scatter cushions aren’t just square anymore. You can find them in all kinds of shapes, from rectangles and circles to caricature cut-outs and other irregular spheres. For DIY decorators, this means even more methods of stacking or packing your pillows.

bedroom scatter cushion

In the bedroom, in order to see a bit of each variety, you could arrange them from biggest to smallest. Alternatively, in your lounge, you might showcase them with the biggest pieces at opposite corners of a couch, and little ones near or in the center.

2. Get Creative with Colours

Judging from these images, you notice that colour is also a very important factor. In this regard, you have three main options. First, you can match your cushions to the shade of your bed linen or sofa fabric, introducing at least one unique hue.

couch scatter cushions

Second, you could cover your furniture in cushions that complement the tones already used in the room. These pieces can be of different sizes and textures all featuring a similar shade to tie them together. And as a third variation, none of your decorations have to match in hue, but rather just showcase your favourite colours and co-ordinate on another level. See the patterns below:

modern scatter cushions3. Think of a Theme

If arraying items according to colour or size is not your thing, try grouping pillows around interesting patterns instead. This can turn a plain surface into an eye-catching centerpiece. For instance, should you love safari décor; you might favour a cluster of African prints.

African scatter cushions

Similarly, you could introduce this decorating trend in your kid’s room or play area by buying a mixture of more whimsical cushions. Whether you take out your sewing kit and create something unique or purchase a polished product in store, doesn’t matter.

kids scatter cushions4. Try Multiple Textures

Our final idea is probably the most fun. You can use it with any of the others we’ve mentioned already, and it’s all about your sense of touch.

Visually and physically, people enjoy different types of fabric texture. Some love silky satins, others prefer the warmth of wool, and few even favour the feel of fur. So, combine a mix of these elements via your scatter cushions and ensure that everyone on your couch or carpet relaxes in absolute comfort.

living room scatter cushions

Spruce Up Your Living Spaces

With the extensive range of products available online and at Volpes’ stores, you have the freedom to change up your linens and accessories whenever you please. For example, many people try darker colour schemes or softer cushion textures in winter to promote a warmer atmosphere.

Fortunately, we stock an incredible collection of hues, prints, patterns, textures and sizes – capable of suiting a variety of budgets, décor tastes and seasonal needs. We can even supply you with a quilt or throw for your couches or bed that you can drape over your loved ones while you snuggle.


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