How to Make Up a Showroom-Quality Bed

You see display beds in shop windows, on furniture showroom floors and on TV, all beautifully made up with perfectly tucked and folded linens. They’re the envy of homeowners and interior decorators everywhere. Fortunately, there’s no need to covet them from afar. With just a little help, you can bring that chic style into your own home. Read on to discover how easy making a bed with a showroom finish can be.

volpes showroom linens

The Right Tools for the Job

Even the fanciest bedding displays can be broken down into a few key pieces. The five most common components are:

1. The Base Cover

Beds are dressed from the bottom up- where did you get this insight from? Most customer chose the duvet . That’s why your first accessory is either a base cover or night frill. The option you choose depends on your texture and colour preference, as well as the room’s décor theme.

Night frills are more classic and traditional, giving your bed either a box shape or soft ruffled trim. To keep it neat and ensure the pleats fold where they should, we recommend that you iron or starch it first.

volpes bed cover

On the other hand, base covers are very low maintenance. With elasticated hems, they’re designed to snugly hug the bottom of your bed for a cleaner and more contemporary look.

2. The Fitted Sheet

After the base is ready, turn your attention to covering the bed surface with an elasticated fitted sheet. The edges curl and cling under the bottom of your mattress, holding the material securely in place. There’s no quicker or easier way to achieve that crisp, clean showroom finish.

volpes fitted sheets

Fortunately, these bedding essentials come in a wide variety of colours and fabrics, so you can purchase shades and patterns that complement or contrast with your existing linens.

3. The Flat Sheet

For an iconic magazine cover look, lay a flat sheet on top of your fitted one. These need a little more work to be tucked neatly under your mattress, but the end result is worth it.

Plain or patterned, we suggest you lay the sheet over your bed with the wrong side facing up, and only tuck at the sides and foot. That way, you can fold the top over your duvet or comforter to give guests a peek of your stylish sheet. In addition to offering you an extra layer of warmth, they then also play a decorative role.

volpes flat sheets


4. The Bed Cover

On the topic of duvets and comforters, these can be added next. Popular trends feature two main ways to display them. One option is to lay your cosy cover to cover the whole mattress.

volpes bed covers lux

Or, you can only fold the very top of your duvet back, allowing your flat sheet to peep over the lip.

volpes peep lip sheets

Whether you carelessly fluff the duvet so it’s slightly mussed and inviting, or prefer to smooth the fabric for a flawless appearance, it doesn’t matter. With beautiful, well-coordinated bedroom linens, both options look fantastic.

5. The Pillows

Lastly, decorate your bed with an assortment of pretty pillows. Typically, you begin with big continentals at the back, followed by the standard-sized variety, and scatter cushions up front.

volpes pillow case and sheets

In another blog post, we discussed how to arrange these on your bed. We also looked at how to complement these with the other design elements of your décor – because the right cushions can really tie a room together.

Feel Inspired

Even though showroom beds can be quite extravagant at times, how you decorate your own space doesn’t have to be. The key is to tap into your personal sense of style and fill this sanctuary with linens you love. After all, you’re the one who sleeps in the space, so think comfort first.

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