New Spring Trends

Spring has always been synonymous with rejuvenation and new life. The sun shines a little warmer, nature begins to change, and we start wearing fewer layers. What better way to bring this happiness and freshness into your home than with a little seasonal redecorating.

Find inspiration for your linen renovation from the latest spring trends. At Volpes, we can show you how to get your home ready for spring, without breaking the bank.

Hue Too  

50 shades of grey! Well, not really. But the idea is that products and accessories in charcoals, greys and neutral tones are all the rage. Decorative pieces, coupled with pastel colours, such as egg shell blue, can create a calming atmosphere in any room.

Try it in your own home using:

Volpes image 1


Alternatively, you can pair larger pastel-coloured items like a lamp with smaller trinkets in brighter hues and create a beautiful bedside display to match your duvet cover.

Shape Shifters  

A pop of colour, interesting pattern or unique design can do wonders for a neutral room, adding warmth to cold spaces. This is probably why geometric shapes always seem to feature in interior décor trends. Incorporating them in your home is as simple as pairing something plain with a striped cushion or printed curtain.

You can even get a similar effect with bedding and throws. By pairing neutral walls with a new patterned duvet cover set, you add a little bit of fun to your boudoir. Best of all, you can purchase several different covers to maintain the effect even when you change your bedding.

More Blue for You   

Although colour has already been mentioned, this year’s spring trends definitely focus on blues. Darker shades are supposed to invoke feelings of thoughtfulness, while lighter ones are meant to give a sense of peace and promote tranquillity. With both of those often needed in the home, it’s easy to understand why blues are the shade of the season.

A quick way to give your rooms a facelift using this trend is to take down your dark winter drapes and add light blue or teal curtains for spring.

Bring the Outside in

Another popular trend is to make your home feel as open as possible, without breaking down any walls. Achieve this effect by hanging interesting mirrors on passage walls or unused spaces.  The reflections add depth, even when there isn’t any.

Spring decorating is also about bringing nature into your home and this can easily be done by:

  • Keeping fresh flowers in vases
  • Finding or restoring wooden furniture
  • Having green indoor plants
  • Displaying natural ornaments like pebbles, twigs or driftwood


By using spring trends as a guideline and Volpes as your assistant, saying goodbye to winter décor is easy. Furthermore, if it’s still a bit too nippy to venture outside, our online store lets you browse our entire collection for inspiration, right from the comfort of your home.

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