Summer Trends – Hot Off the Press!

With each season comes new home decorating trends, and even though it may seem difficult to keep up with the Joneses, stores like Volpes make it easy to stay current.


The simplest way to incorporate a fresh, on trend look into your bedroom, regardless of the current colour scheme, is with contemporary duvet covers. No matter if they’re plain or printed, when purchasing new bedding it’s all about going with themes. And at Volpes, we have two favourites for this coming season:


The Moroccan Movement


Marrakesh is a motif that is making waves this summer season. The bright and rich blue hues and interesting patterns are sure to breathe life into your home. Go bold this season with a bedroom setting geared solely towards everything North African.


There are multitudes of alternative decorating options available to you, should you choose to go Moroccan this season. Some of these include metal decor and furniture, mosaic patterns and painted ceramics. However, if you have grander ideas in mind, some of our other suggestions include:


  • Berber carpets – Make use of thickly woven rugs to give your sleeping chamber the finishing touches it deserves. Additionally, you can bring extra flair by finding one in brighter threads to add a pop of colour beneath your feet.
  • Floor cushions – Allow the Moroccan culture to fuel your inner interior designer and furnish a space with cushions that can be used as couches. You could even go so far as to incorporate this theme into your reading corner or living room.
  • Lanterns – Make your interior lighting unique and interesting by hanging these focal points in your bedroom. With lanterns around the house creating low-lit ambient lighting, you’re sure to feel as though you’re living in Marrakech.



Inner Metropolitan Muse


The City Slicker motif incorporates both monotones and splashes of colour, providing an exciting and edgy atmosphere to your home. You can recreate that New York loft feel by making use of contemporary duvet covers to match this theme. Alternatively, if you’re looking to incorporate other ideas along this line, we suggest you include:

  • Chrome finishes – Using metal lamp bases in your bedroom give it a clean cut, pristine look. Alternatively if you want to add some unique personality, you can do this with block prints and shapes around your bedroom.
  • Geometric shapes – Making use of sharp, straight-edged patterns creates a minimalist feel in the space.
  • Photography – By displaying uniquely posed, gorgeous snapshots in your house, you can create focus pieces and conversations starters.


Additionally, you may also want to include bevelled glass, corrected grain leathers, lacquers or modern art of your choosing, for a touch of your own personality.


If you’re looking to rework your bedroom there are several options to consider and finding a current and trendy motif should not be one of them. With Volpes by your side, redecorating your spaces with contemporary duvet covers and other up-to-date ideas is effortless.

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