New Year, New Bedroom

When it comes to bedroom decor tips, you can trust Volpes to be at the forefront of trends and trail blazing boudoir fashion. And, seeing as we’re at the start of a new year, what better way to set the tone for the year ahead than decorating your bedroom?

Let us give you a hand in deciding what trends to incorporate into your room this year.

Matching Patterns and Plains

There are several designer rules to abide by when you want to match your bedroom curtains. For instance, if you have a paisley bedspread in charcoal, the best pairing for curtains would be to find some in a solid complementary colour. This is because patterned bedding goes better with curtains in a solid colour, and vice versa.

A couple of other bedroom decor trends to incorporate into your space are:


  • Rustic elegance – If you enjoy being surrounded by bright colours and knits, then this trend is for you. Not only does it add warmth to a room, but it looks stunning when implemented properly. Consider utilising glassware, DIY decorations and mismatched cushions to pull look this off.


  • Minimalistic love affair – Natural woods and clean lines have remained frontrunners in bedroom decor for several months and that isn’t going to change in 2016. To jump aboard this bandwagon, make use of abstract art and sculptures to pull this motif together. The objective is to create an asymmetrical balance in your living space.

Your Guide

When it comes to bedroom decor, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be the talk of the town. And at Volpes, we stock a wide range of luxurious bedding and curtains, that are sure to give your bedroom the trendy makeover it deserves.
Shop in store or online today.

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