Usher in Autumn with the Latest Colour Schemes

With autumn just around the corner, Volpes is excited to give you the inside scoop on all the latest seasonal bedroom colour schemes. We’ve seen plenty of inspiring new ideas come into the spotlight this season. You’ll soon find all you need to create them for yourself on our shelves (and our online store).

Get Creative with Colour

Instead of giving you set themes to focus on, we’re putting the creative power in your hands by giving you a few of the latest bedroom colour schemes. Let your artistic side run rampant, not only in your boudoir but in the rest of your home, too.

This season is all about celebrating colour! Here are some of our favourite themes, guaranteed to create beautiful spaces.

  • Airy Fairy – Surround yourself with muted tones of green and pink this season to create a peaceful space. Lighter, more understated tones of pink and green are calming, so try and incorporate them in your bedroom using throws, comforters, curtains or tie backs.
  • Dark Fantasy – You can’t go wrong with shades of deep purple. Use this colour in  your throws or cushions set against a backdrop of charcoal grey bedding. Alternatively, hemlock tones are an interesting trend making the rounds this season and should be included wherever possible.
  • Fiery Autumn – Set your room ablaze this season with reds, oranges, and yellows. Repaint the walls of your bedroom in one of these warm shades to broaden the space and give it a fresh look. Or, if you prefer darker, stone coloured walls, we recommend a flaming bedspread to give your room an edge.

Your Dream Bedroom Awaits

Volpes strives to be your go-to source for stunning, high-quality bedroom products while keeping you in the know when it comes to the latest trends. By helping you make your spaces beautiful, we add a sense of style and personality to your sanctuary.

Best of all, you can now view our selection of products online, from the comfort of your home.
Visit your nearest Volpes branch today and let us provide you with only the trendiest bedroom colour schemes of the season that are taking the country by storm.

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