volpes fitted sheets

Great Sheets for a Great Night’s Sleep

Did you know that your sheets have an impact on the quality of your sleep, and the key to a great night’s rest? This is why the thread count of your sheets can make all the difference.
Thread count is the international measure of the number of cotton threads woven into a single square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the softer and more luxurious your bedding will feel against your skin.

Our guide to knowing your thread counts, all available at Volpes

  • 144 Thread count – Volpes Polycotton Collection
    The Polycotton range is available in a choice of 13 colours all designed to match with our printed duvet cover sets. They are long-lasting and easy to care for
  • 180 Thread count – Polycotton Percale
    This high-density yarn offers a soft, smooth feel.
    Available in white and natural.
  • 200 Thread count – 100% Cotton Percale
    Suited to all seasons, this fabric is soft, smooth and crisp to the touch.
    Available in white, mocha, steel blue, grey and duck egg.
  • 300 Thread count – Egyptian cotton percale
    Egyptian cotton fibres are longer than regular cotton fibres, giving these sheets a finer, exquisitely soft feel. Egyptian cotton is worth the investment, as it lasts longer than regular cotton too.
    Available in white and natural.
  • 600 Thread count – Egyptian cotton
    You only need to experience these luxurious sheets once to understand why they’re so special. Treat your guests to comfort like no other.
    Available in white.

Thread count options apply to pillowcases, fitted sheets and duvet cover sets, come feel the difference in store.

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