How to Dress Your Bed for Winter

Winter makes staying in bed easy and we want to show you 5 easy ways to dress up your bed so that you’ll never want to get out of it

1. Invest in a luxury duvet inner

A luxurious feather inner is an investment that is sure to keep you snug and warm for years to come! For top of the range options choose from either goose down or duck feather inners. Or try a microfibre 2 in 1 multi-season inner, when the warmer days come, simply unclip the heavier winter weight inner.
2. Change to a brushed cotton duvet set

Replace your summer linens with 100% brushed cotton duvet cover sets, there are so many styles to choose from such as, bold geometric designs, feminine florals and on trend illustrative designs, there’s bound to be something that will suit
your style

Vermont Winter Cotton sml - brushed cotton

3. Layer with a quilt or comforter set

Fold a quilt or comforter at the bottom of the bed, for that extra bit of warmth when needed (or perfect for an afternoon nap!) Volpes Quilt sets come in a large variety of nostalgic prints and comforter sets in a variety of colours in plain cotton or if you prefer a bit of glam choose a faux silk comforter set.

Rachel Mauve 144tc sml - quilt
4. Top with a textured blanket or throw

Add a textured layer to the bed with a shimmer soft or knitted blanket and for a touch of real luxury try a faux fur throw

Orient Teale Winter Cotton sml = throws

5. Finish with scatters

The choice of scatter designs is endless and the easiest way to add a touch of personality to your room. Mix a plain with print and try placing a rectangular style in front of a square one.

Nest Winter Cotton Print sml - throws

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