How to Fold a Fitted Sheet in Seven Easy Steps

Folding a fitted sheet isn’t easy – follow our quick and easy step-by-step guide to keep your sheets as crease free as possible.

1. Stand and hold the sheet inside out. Tuck each of your hands into one of the two corners on a short side of the sheet.

Woman holding Sheet - Step 1
2. Bring your hands together, folding the sheet in half and tucking one corner inside the other.

Woman folding Sheet - step 2
3. Using your free hand, pick up one corner that’s hanging down the front of the sheet up and tuck it over the two corners in your other hand. Pick up the final corner and tuck over the other three, completely enveloping them.

Woman folding sheet - step 3
4. Lay the sheet down on a flat surface, smoothing it out and ensuring the elastic is on the inside.

Folded sheet - step 4
5. Fold the two outer edges in so that the sheet forms a rectangular shape, and the elasticated corners and edges are hidden the folds.

Folding a sheet - step 5
6. Carry on folding until the sheet fits into your linen cupboard.

Folding a sheet - step 6
7. Voila! A perfectly folded fitted sheet that you can pack away neatly.

A folded Sheet - step 7

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