Dressing Your Bed with Scatters

When it comes to scatter cushions, we always say ‘the more the merrier.’ After all, there are few easier, more versatile ways to give your bedroom an instant update. With a few affordable cushions, you can change your whole room’s colour scheme and look.

Don’t let the pictures in interior décor magazines of artfully arranged scatter cushions deter you – styling with scatters is a lot easier than you think!

Let’s look at how you can rejuvenate your bedroom with Volpes scatter cushions.


pink-scatters-lifestyle1Pink country romance

If you’re dreaming of a country cottage hideaway, add a few of these blushing floral scatters to your dressed bed. The romantic designs work beautifully with crisp white linen and will breathe new life into all neutral colour palettes.



Sleep with a smile

Adding a few whimsical scatters to your bed is an effortless way to add a touch of fun to your bedroom. Patterns, quotes and pretty prints are all the rage in interior décor, so using novelty scatters is an easy way to make a statement.

The trick with novelty scatters is to mix and match. Anything goes, so don’t worry too much about contrary colours and clashing prints.


Get creative with colour

Liven up your bedroom with bold colour and designs on scatters.

Either match the tones by going with, for example, deep pinks with light pinks or go bold with bright contrasting colours such as bright blues with greys.

Some other colour combinations that work well are yellow with blue, blue with purple,  greys and whites. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

We hope you enjoyed our tips for creating a gorgeous new bedroom look simply by adding a few scatter cushions. We love to hear from you, so please let us know what your favourite scatter styling tips and cushions are in the comments below!

We have the scatter cushion of your dreams – simply browse through our beautiful new collection and refresh your bedroom this spring.


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