The Volpes Guide to Summer Curtains

Beautiful curtains are not only an attractive way to manage the light that enters a room, they are also an easy way to complement and complete the design of a room.

From a style perspective, it is important to choose curtains that balance and enhance the space and the décor style you are going for. If you want to make a statement but would prefer not to make too drastic a change by repainting your room – patterned curtains are a great way to transform the space.

Would you prefer to highlight décor pieces and colourful prints in the room? Plain curtains will help you achieve this while also allowing your room to look bigger.

Because we are in the hottest months of the year, here’s our advice on the best curtains to choose for a summer-friendly room:


Layer lined or blackout curtains with a beautiful sheer curtain. During those hot summer days, tie back the heavier curtain and leave the sheers in place to cover the window. A plain or crushed voile sheer is a pretty and functional way to protect your room from the harsh summer sun, whilst still retaining privacy.


Blackout curtains:

Blackout curtains are your best friend in summer! Aside from keeping out that bright early morning light for those sleep-ins, they also help to protect your furniture from sun damage and help to reduce the noise of a busy street. If you want to keep your current curtains but still want blackout, a simple way is to purchase the block-out lining that simply hooks onto the back of any taped curtain.


It’s not just about taped curtains anymore…

Over the last few years, eyelet curtains have gained popularity due to their ease of installation and more contemporary look. Eyelet curtains can be recognised by their metal rings that weave through a rod that is placed on a bracket above your window. They are easy to hang and remove for washing and for when you wish to change the décor style of your room. Eyelet curtains are ideal for children’s bedrooms or for windows where the curtains are opened and closed frequently.


Whatever style and size of curtain you need; you’ll find a huge choice of quality ready-made curtains at Volpes. With sheers, lined, unlined, taped, eyelet and black-out curtains in both wide and extra length sizes, there is something to adorn every window, for every style and décor taste.

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