How To: Mediterranean Themed Bedroom

The Mediterranean has a rich, colourful history and is synonymous with vivid colours, intricate patterns and mosaics and incredibly unique architecture. Of course, let’s not forget that that the Mediterranean is the land of azure waters, pristine beaches and glorious sunsets – which may be why so many people want to bring a Mediterranean influence into their décor style. After all, who wouldn’t want to transform their home into an exotic seaside getaway?

This summer, you don’t need to fly across the world to feel like you’re on holiday. Simply use these tips to create your very own Mediterranean bedroom:


Although the Mediterranean trend colours are both robust and numerous, blue is undoubtedly the primary colour for this look.

Mix bright yellow reminiscent of those endless summer days with hints of green and earth colours as a tribute to the Mediterranean landscapes.



Burnished metal accessories in rose gold, beautiful blown glass and geometric patterns on linen and scatters are an easy way to build on the theme. Emulate the landscape and outdoor feel with a rug in an earthy neutral and a few potted palms.




As a tribute to the mosaics and distinctive artworks of the region, geometric patterns and whimsical brush strokes create a pattern that is truly and easily recognisably Mediterranean.


In addition to vibrant colours and patterns, this look also needs tactile textures that emulate nature and the architecture of the Mediterranean.

Layer scatter cushions and light summer throws in various fabrics on your bed, and adorn your floor with a plush Tuff carpet in an earthy neutral. Use lamps and accessories in bold shapes and varying materials to complete the transformation. Wood furniture complements the theme beautifully and creates a truly authentic feel.


We’ve made it easy for you to turn your bedroom into a Mediterranean villa with our beautiful range of duvet cover sets and scatter cushions in vivacious patterns. Complete the look effortlessly with beautiful accessories, carpets and curtains. Simply browse our summer range and be whisked away to the land of sun and sea!

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